History of The Abyss Watchers

The Abyss Watchers, head of Farron's Undead Legion, were a special fighting force formed to combat the threat of the Abyss and partook of wolf blood to do so. Taking inspiration from the Wolf Knight (Sir Artorias, the Abyss Walker), if there were even a slight threat of the Abyss, the Watchers would go so far as to raze a country to the ground.

The Abyss Watchers are entirely based on the legend of Artorias the Abysswalker, who braved the abyss and saved the city of Oolacile, as told in stories. In reality, however, the Chosen Undead was the one who did this during the first Age of Fire, through a distortion in time, while Artorias was consumed by the abyss. But, as promised by Elizabeth the mushroom, their identiy is left out of the legend.

They were unique in the sense that instead of one body hosting multiple souls, it is the reverse where multiple bodies share one soul. This is the reason why they are fighting when encountered, as all the bodies want that soul. However, the only Watchers that attack the others are the ones with glowing red eyes. Similar to other creatures in the world, red eyes indicate that they are affected by the abyss, which the Watchers must eliminate, regardless of the target and circumstance.

Their distinct outfits became an ill omen for any who saw them. Their fighting style was unique in that they utilized a crooked dagger to allow them to perform strange, wild flipping and scrambling maneuvers that were incredibly unpredictable and vicious. As such, they disdained the use of shields and preferred a constant offense. At some point however, they were known to enlist the services of one of the crystal sages and use magics that put more emphasis on speed like Farron's darts.

Eventually, the Watchers linked the Fire collectively and returned as Lords of Cinder. The reason why they did not take up the throne is unknown.

It's speculated the Abyss Watchers' souls became one shortly after linking the flame. It's likely the fire could only ever be linked by one person at a time but since the Abyss Watchers themselves were linked by the blood of the wolf, they were able to link the fire at the price of their individuality, their souls becoming one in the process.

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